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Erotic electrostimulation involves passing low voltage electric current through erogenous tissues for the purpose of enhancing sexual arousal and pleasure. Similar to using a TENS machine for physiotherapy, the current passes deep into tissues, stimulating nerve endings and causing muscles to contract and relax. This causes a pulsing, throbbing sensation similar to the contractions felt in the pelvic floor during orgasm. Although e-stim can increase blood flow (and therefore arousal), sensitizing you further to touch and vibration, the goal of e-stim for many people is to achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm.

All of our power boxes have 2 separate channels that are controlled independently. Each channel has two poles, and can be thought of as a circuit that needs to be completed -- with you in the middle. You can complete the circuit with a single bipolar electrode (the current runs from one pole of the electrode, through you, to the other pole of the electrode). Or you can connect two unipolar electrodes to the same channel to connect the circuit (the current runs from one electrode, through you, to the other electrode). In each case, the muscles between the two poles are stimulated and pulse in time to the pattern selected on the power box. Bipolar electrodes can also be used as if they were unipolar electrodes by connecting only one of the poles to the channel.

Below is the list of power boxes and electrodes that we carry. We carry the ElectraStim line, which is a top-quality, innovative and body-safe brand manufactured in the UK. The power box and electrodes use standard connectors that can be mixed and matched with power boxes and electrodes with other brands as well, although you may need to purchase adaptors for this purchase. If you have any questions about compatibility with other products, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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