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Intermediate Rope Class: Strappado - Sept 19

Spot of Delight

Intermediate Rope Class: Strappado - Sept 19


On Tuesday September 19th (7:00-8:30pm)  we will learn a brand new arm binding tie, Strappado, in MrRockstar's Intermediate Rope Bondage Class. This starts off with health and safety regarding nerves and circulation through the shoulders and arms. This will not be ideal for rope bottoms who have shoulder mobility challenges. The strappado arm position is arms behind lengthwise along the back. Tying the arms close together, forces the bottoms chest forward into an exposed and helpless state. Lifting the arms at the wrists forces the bottom to lean forward and expose their bottom. This arm position used in combination with leg positions such as lotus or double futo makes for a pretty and immobile bottom. Care must be taken to ensure not too much pressure is applied to the shoulders in this tie.

Must have taken Intro to Bondage 101 in order to understand safe tying and basic ties.

Two 30 ft pieces of rope should be sufficient. 

This tie is impossible to tie yourself into, so we highly recommend that you do bring a willing partner to practice this tie on, or bribe one of the store staff to be your buddy in advance. We cannot promise you will meet a new rope buddy in this class (although hey, it is likely).

Top. Bottom. Bight. Working ends. Standing end. Tail. Lengths. Ropes. Knnuki. Bola bola. Single column tie. Hitch. Half hitch. Wraps. Stem. Tension. Pre tension. Reverse tension. Twists. Friction knot. Cinch. Larks head knot. 


  • How to get comfortably and safely positioned for this arm tie
  • How to warm up prepare as a bottom for this tie 
  • Stretches that tops can do to prepare to tie
  • Connection between top and bottom
  • Communication between top and bottom
  • How to modify this tie for less flexy folks: accessibility 
  • Different rope types and end types recommended 


Everyone is welcome to attend this event. Spot of Delight workshops are ALL AGES and ALL INCLUSIVE no matter your gender, orientation, or kink.
  • As usual, NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during workshops. Discretion is what we do.
  • NO FRAGRANCES PLEASE. Respect the sensitivities in others in the workshop space.
  • DON'T FLAKE. Cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the workshop in order to be rescheduled for another date. We have already paid Mrs Kate in advance!
  • LOVE IT? Try this class as a private workshop, bachelorette party, your kinky coming out party, or as a discrete relationship builder outside of our business hours.
  • NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS. Our workshops are already super affordable, but if you are still experiencing a financial barrier, come talk to us in store.

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