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SensaVox Power Box

The ElectraStim SensaVox dual channel digital power box is the best on the market. Each channel can power 1 bi-polar electrode or 2 uni-polar electrodes. This allows you to simultaneously use 2 bi-polar electrodes, 4 uni-polar electrodes, or 1 bi-polar electrode and 2 uni-polar electrodes.
The intensity of each channel is adjusted independently.
The SensaVox is also one of a handful of power boxes on the market that takes audio input, meaning you can use everything from music, your voice -- or specially created Erotic Electrostimulation Audio CDs to control the intensity and pattern of pulses that you feel.
  • Dual channel
  • Standard 2 mm pin connectors
  • Can be used plugged into the wall or cordlessly (9V battery)
  • 9 pre-programmed stimulation patterns
  • Modify patterns
  • 99 intensity levels
  • Power boost button - temporarily increases output intensity by 25% across both channels. Use at point of climax or to test limits.
  • Included audio cable, microphone, and Audio CD for audio input options
  • Material: durable polycarbonate
  • Made in the UK
  • 3 year warranty

There are 9 pre-programmed stimulation patterns:

  1. Smooth – Constant, steady stimulation
  2. Caress – Pulsating massage
  3. Swinger – Pulsating massage alternates between channels
  4. Burst – Stimulation is simultaneously interrupted on both channels in burst
  5. Alternate – Stimulation alternates between both channels
  6. Stepper – Stimulation fades in and out on each channel at alternate times
  7. Shooter – Strings of pulsating sensations alternate between the channels
  8. Auto Climb – Channel 1 slowly builds intensity, Channel 2 stimulates continuously
  9. Climax – Pulsations start slowly, quicken and then slow again

Instruction Manual

Warranty Information

There is a 3-year warranty on E-stim stimulators (does not include connecting cables, charging wires, adaptors, lubricants, gels, cleaners, self-adhesive pads). Must register product within 4 weeks to get warranty. Proof of purchase is required. Warranty only valid on manufacture defects.

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