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Spot of Delight

12 Days of Kinkmas Demos & Food Drive - Dec 1-12


For the first 12 days of December we invite anyone and everyone to come watch various kinky things demonstrated by our staff and community members. Some of these are interactive (for those who wish to participate)! The events are brief (20 minutes on average, come and go as you please - you are not interrupting) and completely free to attend. If you are able, please bring a donation for the London Food Bank. YES they accept fresh produce, menstrual solutions, cash, pet food and a few other things you may not have thought of.

Here is the schedule. Pick some to attend solo, with friends, or maybe every single one. If you like what you see, you'll have the opportunity to try it yourself after.

Dec 1 @ 4pm : Sensual Paddle Demo 
Paddles aren't always as scary and hard as they seem. Watch M demonstrate how they can be used in a very sensual and intimate context for someone who is not into pain.

Dec 2 @ 4pm: Erection Party & Rope Suspension
Help us erect our holiday tree and watch a rope erection in the same afternoon! With @Mr_Rockstar and some mulled wine.

Dec 3 @ 7:30pm: Flogging demo
Watch floggers fly in this arm and shoulder workout routine. We'll demonstrate how different weights and lengths of floggers and flails are used on different body parts. Pay attention to the safer zones.

Dec 4 @ 7:30pm: Foot Worship
Ms Justine and @wrappedinplastic will demo light face crushing and erotic boot stepping, boot worship and foot worship.  

Dec 5 @ 7:30pm: Neon Wand 
The lights go out and the Zap zap bzzz comes on. Try it out yourself at the end. 

Dec 6 @ 7:30pm: Naughty cookie decorating (interactive)
We've done this many times before. Decorate your own cookies, or just eat them. It's up to you. We're always pleased with the results.

Dec 7 @ 7:30pm: Wax demo
Drip.. drip... ruuuuuun. @Katheryine will turn her wax demo bottom into a living work of art. Many body-safe paraffin coloured pillar candles will be used. Are they hot? Try it on your hand after.

Dec 8 @ 7:30pm: Rope demo 
Watch us get knotty on the Spot of Delight floor. T-K chest harness, anyone? Yaaay shibari with hempy hemp rope.

Dec 9 @ 4pm: Build your own aftercare kit (interactive)
Aftercare is for everyone! Tops, bottoms, switches, doms and subs, n00bs and just-curious are all welcome to come and discuss what they need for aftercare while we all take something away from the bowl to build our own travel kit. We supply the goodies.

Dec 10 @ 7:30pm: Genital Spanking 
Professor Snatch will be participating in this demo for clit spanking. We're still practicing on different mock-anatomical models for the ball slapping portion. A variety of implements (hands, crops, claws) will be used in this demo while we talk through what we're doing.

Dec 11 @ 7:30pm: Submission Postures
Ms Justine and @stregth_in_srndr present classic body postures for submission and worship and high protocol play.

Dec 12 @ 7:30pmCaning Demo 
Rattan canes will be used on a demo bottom for this display of precise skill.


Everyone is welcome to attend our free demonstrations. They occur in the store at 426 Richmond St, while the store is still open. So feel free to come and go as you please. Check things out, browse, shop, ask questions, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the show!

Invite your vanilla friends via facebook. Subscribe to our events to see what else is coming up.

All demonstrations are done as a performance. They may appear dramatic; this is for your entertainment. These demonstrations are done only between consenting adults who have experience working together in a public / performance-play setting. Please do not interfere with the demonstration. NO CAMERAS! Respect the privacy of our guests and our staff. Throughout the show as well as at the end, guests will be invited to step up and try out the various implements and materials being used in the demo. Feeling shy? Book a private lesson any time.

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