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Sex School: Practical Sex Ed for Adults

Get updated in 90 minutes of Practical Sex Ed for Grown Ups
This isn't the sex ed you learnt in school. If you're one of those people who finds conventional sex ed dogma too restrictive to apply to your own life, this is the workshop for you.
The focus of this workshop will be practical risk reduction strategies based on the latest scientific research. We will cover both contraception and STIs with a no-bullshit, realistic approach that is flexible enough to suit the needs of adults active in the dating scene.
This involves giving you the straight facts on controversial topics that doctors and sex educators routinely gloss over or avoid altogether. We hope that by demystifying the topic, we will arm you with practical knowledge that inspires confidence rather than paranoia.
STI topics include:
- Risk awareness (how do people actually get STIs?)
- How to talk to your partner about their sexual history and what to ask
- Recognizing STI signs (is that a genital wart or just a zit?)
- STI testing and insurance
- PrEP & PEP for HIV
-and more sex science!
- Herpes & HPV, and why these are the two STIs you should be most concerned about
- Practical strategies for serology discordant couples
Contraception topics include:
- Fertility awareness (how do women actually get pregnant?)
- Withdrawal method
- Side effects and risks of hormonal birth control
- What to do if you miss a pill & common pitfalls to avoid
- IUDs
- Sterilization
- Emergency contraception
- Abortion (medical & surgical)
You will come away from this with enough information to feel empowered to make informed decisions in your relationship whether it's a one-nighter or for a life time.
Open to everyone. All ages. This workshop is delivered in gender-neutral terms. Q&A are addressed from an objective perspective. 

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