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Tri-Top Chest Binder


We feel awful that we are TEMPORARILY CLOSED for the pandemic. If you need a binder, please see some of these other wonderful Canadian sources on chest binders: COME AS YOU ARE ; VENUS ENVY ; GOOD FOR HER.

Three powerful layers of medical industry grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex throughout the front, and a single back layer, provide maximum comfortable chest binding. Mid-tummy length. Tested and effective in full binding and for sporting related binding and protection. Made in the U.S.A

Comfort and Safety Tips for Daily Binder Wear

  • We highly recommend you measure your chest at the largest point with your arms down. This ensures that you find the correct size of binder.
  • When trying on the binder, make sure it isn’t cutting into your chest, or under your arms.
  • Make sure you can take a deep breath (should feel like a tight sports bra, not a boa constrictor)
  • Try doing all your daily movements with it on, ensure you still have your full range of motion.
  • Do not wear your binder overnight.
  • Do not wear your binder swimming (try wearing a rash guard).
  • Do not wear your binder while exercising.
  • Do not double bind (layering tank tops is OK, but layering sports bras and binders is not OK).
  • If you experience any pain while wearing it in public, try to step out for a moment (washroom or private space), use fingers to take some tension off the pressure points of tight spaces. Take deep breaths until you can relax. 

Please understand: there can long-term consequences to regular binding, which will be amplified when binding is done improperly. The above tips are advised for reducing your changes of frequency and severity of these side effects. The below are potential side-effects of longer-term improper wear of binding undergarments: decreased skin elasticity (slower recovery time from top surgery); spinal compression; shoulders pulling forward; ribs, chest and lung compression and deformity; muscle imbalances; over-heating; clogged pores where binder is in contact; decreased lung capacity (shortness of breath, lower oxygen)…

How you can decompress and correct imbalances that accumulate through the day:

  • a regular stretching (or yoga) routine that opens the chest and flexes the back
  • core strengthening and back strengthening exercises (super man pose, planks, etc)
  • slow, deep breaths at maximum capacity to restore oxygen supply and restore lung capacity
  • palm against wall with thumb up, then turn your chest away from wall
  • stretches for spine, ribs, chest, shoulder blades
  • lay flat against wall or floor with everything tucked in to that surface and
  • yoga / stretching routine
  • child’s pose while creeping side to side
  • posture exercises
  • shoulder mobility exercises (pantyhose, rope, broom stick, bungee cord, tension bands)

Know someone in need of a binder who can't afford it? See our Binder Exchange Program. Anyone can come in to our store to access this program or purchase a binder because WE ARE ALL AGES. Everyone welcome.

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