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Spot of Delight

Intro to Hot Wax and Candle Play


June 28th, 2020 @ 4-6pm (2 hours)

The soft, warm light of candles is flattering and ambiance-setting. The flickering of candle light can seem sinister or deeply beautiful and reassuring, depending on how you chose to set the mood. There are however some hazards to be avoided, and clean up can be made much easier with some simple tips from Katheryine. Katheryine's introductory instruction is perfect for beginners. 

This workshop will offer an introduction to the sensual form of temperature play commonly called Wax Play. In this 2 hour workshop you will practice dripping body-safe melted paraffin wax on safe zones of the body. This can be done on the self or on a consenting partner (if you bring one or if you meet one at Spot). Learn the techniques to enhance control, safety and pleasure. Practice your set-up, prep, dripping styles, wax removal ideas, temperature play enhancements and clean up.

As with all of our workshops, Katheryine will spend a lot of time speaking about safety practices. Safety talks includes the do's and don'ts, some wax physics, consent, negotiations, prevention, risk-reduction and after-care.

With this foundational interactive practice, you will be able to go home and reinforce your skills, and register for the next level of intensity in wax play.

What to bring: Bring your own body-safe low temperature pure paraffin candles that will melt at a safe temperature. (psst! Spot of Delight has locally made Candle Lady candles for purchase.) Dress comfortably in older clothes if you want to drip with #noregrets. We provide the drop sheet.

This workshop is also available for private bookings. Contact us for more details or purchase a ticket below and then email us your order # to schedule your private workshop! 


NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during workshops. The facebook event list is hidden to respect the privacy of our customers. Discretion is what we do.
NO FRAGRANCES PLEASE. Respect the sensitivities in others in the workshop space. Cologne and Parfume will choke out your facilitator. 
Cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the workshop in order to be rescheduled for another date.
LOVE THIS EVENT but want more intimacy? PRIVATE WORKSHOPS available. Call or email to inquire about single vs. group rates. Bachelorette parties and church groups welcome.
NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS. Our workshops are already super affordable, but if you are still experiencing a financial barrier, come talk to us in store.
Regretfully, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.

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