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Wood You Play

Wood Knife


These wooden knives were originally designed as wax scrapers by the delightful folks at Wood You Play. Little did they know, we have not just a wax play fetish, but also a knife fetish! And a beautiful marriage was made.

What you see is what you get - the pure original exotic hardwood, hand-carved for your sensual or sadistic pleasures. There is no stain and no synthetic finish. The wood varieties are carefully sourced by the wood worker. Because there is no seal on the wood, they are porous and will become fluid-bonded if they make contact with bodily fluids. We have them sealed only with oil.
How to use for knife play: Drawn delicately or with a moderate amount of pressure, the blade feels sharp but is safely dull enough for running along any area of the body. Check out Intro to Knife Play with MrsKate.
How to use for wax play: Pour on your pure paraffin candle wax, then slice and scrape it away with the wooden wax scraper. "Wax scrapers are designed to make removing wax as much fun as applying wax." For some more hints, come to our beginner Wax Play class.You'll see MrsKate make excellent use of the knives.
Love these beauties? We also carry matching paddles that are fully sealed. They can be custom ordered to your specifications by emailing your requests to
Caring for your hand-crafted wooden knife: please wash with a gentle soap and warm water (not hot). Treat it sort of like a wooden cutting board that you want to last for a long time. Wood is a porous material. All our knives have been sealed with Tung oil. Each time you use your knife to play wax, you'll  be naturally conditioning the wood.But, if you use it for other things and are more strict with sanitizing it, just remember to condition it again, any old way you would condition your wood cutting board or wooden spoons: oils, waxes, whatever meets your own standards for safety and effectiveness, depending on what you use your knives for.
NOTE!  There is a beautiful range of natural variation with each tree, so the images online are a representation of the original stock we purchased. You might notice a tad bit of difference if you're ordering online.

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